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  • Thrilling ‘Skyfall’ is top-tier James Bond

    Skyfall James Bond movieDaniel Craig’s first outing as James Bond in “Casino Royale” was designed to take the venerable spy franchise to more serious, real-world places. The 21st century demanded its 007 be more like Jason Bourne – a guy who throws punches without the catchphrases and womanizing.

    The rebranding worked well enough for “Casino Royale,” but its sequel, “Quantum of Solace,” pushed too far away from what made James Bond so great in the first place. It felt squarely like a “Bourne” ripoff.

    “Skyfall” finds a happy balance, maintaining Craig’s brute masculinity while injecting the larger-than-life set pieces and integral supporting characters that define the franchise.

    It’s the best James Bond movie in years. Maybe one of the best ever. (more…)

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